Optometrist performing eye test


Our Services

Optometrist Menai is proud to offer many services to the community.

Here are just some of the services we offer. 

Comprehensive Eye Exams

It is important to have regular eye exams. Can’t remember when you last had one? You’re probably due for one. It is recommended that you have an eye test as often as 6 months to 2 years depending on the health of your eyes.


Most eye diseases may progress slowly without affecting vision. At the time of your appointment, our optometrist will ask you general health questions and assess your current risk factors for certain eye conditions. We can check for signs of poorly controlled diabetes, high blood pressure and high cholesterol.

Diabetic Eye Screening

Anyone with diabetes is at risk of developing diabetic retinopathy – a potentially blinding condition. But all vision loss from diabetes is preventable with early detection and treatment. Several risk factors increase your risk of diabetic retinopathy such as longer duration of diabetes, higher blood sugar levels, high blood pressure, smoking and gestational diabetes.

Driving Assessments

Depending on your circumstances, you may be asked to have a medical form filled out in order to keep your driver licence. If you have been sent one of these forms, please let us know before the time of your appointment as there may be certain tests that need to be performed. Often your General Practitioner can submit your form for you so be sure to see us first.

Glaucoma Assessments

Glaucoma is a leading cause of blindness. It is known as the sneak thief of sight. This is because in most cases of glaucoma there are no early signs or symptoms. Damage caused by glaucoma is not reversible and initially results in peripheral vision loss. The exact cause is unknown but has been associated with abnormal eye pressure which causes damage to the optic nerve. Visual field tests may be performed to assess for glaucoma.

Macular Degeneration

Macular degeneration is another leading cause of blindness. The macular is the part of the eye we use for fine vision – e.g. reading, driving or watching TV. There are two types of macular degeneration – dry and wet. Dry is the most common resulting in gradual loss of central vision. Wet macular degeneration leads to sudden and significant changes in vision. If you have macular degeneration, be sure to check your Amsler Grid regularly or come in store and we can give you one.

Children's Vision Testing

About 80% of learning is visual. That’s why it’s always been so important to have your children’s vision tested before they start school. Another important reason to have their eyes tested as young as 4, or at any time you are concerned about their eyes or vision, is that their visual system usually matures by the age of 8. Conditions such as lazy eye or eye turns have a much better outcome if it is detected early.

Contact Lens Assessments

Have you been told previously that you weren’t suitable for contact lenses? Due to vast improvements in materials and technology, more and more people are suitable for contact lens use. Contact lenses can be prescribed for single vision, monovision or multifocal use allowing you freedom from spectacles. If you’re keen to start wearing contact lenses, or on a more regular basis, book to see our optometrist.

Near Vision Solutions

Are you able to see clearly when driving or watching TV but having difficulty in reading or doing fine work? You may have presbyopia! Presbyopia is the condition where the lens in our eye, which is normally flexible, becomes less flexible resulting in difficulty seeing up close. We have many options to assist with presbyopia; glasses, multifocal glasses and even contact lenses.

Same Day Glasses

At Optometrist Menai we have our own lens edger and blank lenses on site!

​What this means is that about 90% of prescription glasses can be ordered and picked up on the same day. ​All urgent orders may require an eye test. If you need your glasses to be ready on the same day phone us on (02) 9543 0603.